About DCAF

The Debbie Callahan Arts Fund (DCAF) is administered by the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin.  CFCWi is a public charity organized to channel gifts from individual and corporate donors to a variety of charitable organizations in the local community. It is a publicly supported philanthropic institution governed by a local board of private citizens.  (www.cfcwi.org)

DCAF is funded by the Callahan family and friends to honor a special person in their lives.  The world would be a dimmer and sadder place without Debbie Callahan.  As a wife, mother, friend, and artist, she has touched the lives of everyone around her and made them better.  Her art has brought joy and delight to many, many people. We believe the best way to honor Debbie is to help more people pursue their dreams in the art world.

The first fundraiser was held on June 27th at the Milwaukee Athletic Club with a surprise 60th birthday party for Debbie Callahan.  Attended by over 60 friends and family members, it was a great success. 

While we are on our way to funding art study grants beginning this fall, additional donations are welcome. 


DCAF will be funded in 2015 for scholarships to be awarded in 2016. 

Applications will be available HERE after December 1, 2015

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